A transformative self-care course to increase confidence, focus, and worth.

Sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed up.

Don't keep doing the same old things, hoping that you'll create new circumstances. Take action - starting with your inner self. With life throwing so much at you 24/7, it can be difficult to carve out quality time to listen to your inner wisdom. When there's no time for self, you begin to lose the clarity, connection, and confidence that aligns you with your higher purpose and power.


Let's do something different, together.


You're always supported.

Join a circle of women who will hold you accountable for five weeks as you embark on a journey of lasting change.

Create healthy boundaries in unhealthy relationships

Increase clarity and focus in your purpose

Become more confident to accomplish your goals

Get grounded with a daily motivational practice

Achieve financial stability in uncertain times

 Build discipline with priorities and time management

Gain accountability to ensure results

Keep an 80-page workbook for lifelong reference

Join live weekly coaching calls for support along the way

These are just some of the benefits my students have had, and you can have them too!

Five Weeks Can Change Your Life.

Clarify Priorities

There's so much you need to do, but time can be limited. Learn what to focus on each day to really gain the progress you desire. Each week of the LYF course will bring you more clarity and results.

Be Accountable

Distractions are 10x more present than any other time in human history and it'll continue to multiply. That's okay! You will gain focus with a circle of supportive women who will hold you accountable and make you a woman of your word.

Get Grounded

You will gain a daily motivational practice that will help to calm your mind, energize your body, and get you connected to your intuition. Ground yourself in your inner wisdom daily so you can set yourself up for a centered lifestyle.

Feel Confident

When you feel good, you move faster and further. Get the mojo needed to have more productive days and know that you are in the flow of your life. With exercises that can be applied to any area of your life, you will have the confidence to create lasting change.

Natalie H.

I recommend this course for anyone who feels lonely or confused about their next steps in life. Having a simple, supportive, and informative guide on how to best create time for myself has been life-changing.

Sharon P.

I LOVED this course! It came right on time when my life was ready to receive it. I can honestly say with everything that was happening in my life, this course was a great foundation to keep me grounded & focused on my goals.

Kirsten H.

Love Yourself First is a fun, empowering workshop that helped me to focus on starting my own business. I was able to find the confidence to take action to accomplish my goals, identify my personal strengths, and explore my fears. The encouragement and support from Samora and the other ladies in the workshop, have been instrumental to my growth.

Shanay P.

Samora helped me in becoming my full purposeful self. She showed me how to make my mental, spiritual and physical health a priority and gave me resources to elevate my awareness of who I am and who I want to become.

Start your 5-week journey today for only $297 $97

(because it's time for you to win.)

What Area Needs More Love in Your Life?

For the next five weeks, you will SLOW DOWN and bring awareness to six key areas in your life: Home, Health, Finances, Relationships, Spirit, Work.  You will focus on ONE area that needs more love and attention. Which one of these life areas need more love?


Having a place to call 'home' where you feel comfy, safe, and loved is essential. This also applies to your lifestyle, where you feel balanced, free, and happy.


Taking care of your physical, mental, and spiritual health is important to energize and elongate your life. Knowing what your body and soul needs is key.


Your spirit is the connection to your higher self, God, and the world around you. Finding the best ways to nurture your spirit will keep you aligned through the difficulties.


Relationships are the key to life and always will be. Starting from your very first relationship - your parents - to your connection with friends, family, co-workers, and lovers. These ties help us learn what we need most.


Money is the tool to give you access to your dreams. Whatever you decide to do, money can help get you there. Your relationship with the coin affects how you use it (or abuse it).  Self-love is also about respecting your assets and your money.


Your work, ideally, would help others in need while fulfilling your own desires. This is not necessarily always the case, but feeling purposed in the world is a natural inclination. It's healthy to live a life of service as a reminder that we were created for connection.

Here's what you'll learn inside Love Yourself First

Module One: Acceptance

You'll come to terms with who you are, at this moment, while discovering what motivates and triggers you. You will become more intentional about your daily routines as you steer yourself in the direction of growth.

Module Two: I Think, Therefore I Am

We'll dig deeper into your thought life and how your thoughts shape your beliefs. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner thoughts. You'll start to rewire how you think, feel, and behave about the life area you're struggling with most.

Module Three: The Art of Letting Go

This is a hard one - cleansing and releasing anything that isn't making you GREAT. Poor habits, people, foods, thinking, etc... anything that clouds your judgment and interferes with your success - has got to go!

Module Four: Courage, Vision, Confidence

As you move forward, we'll explore the ingredients to feeling confident and how to create a vision for yourself that will keep you courageous and grounded, despite what your circumstances look like.

Module Five: Focus

After gaining the tools to steer your life into the direction of your choosing, this module helps you solidify your routines to maintain consistency while celebrating your accomplishments along the way.

I'm Rooting For You!

I'm Samora Suber, a certified Life Coach, Yoga Instructor, and founder of SamoraLife.com. I've been helping women learn how to 'love themselves first' for over ten years. I've also led meditation and yoga workshops for brands such as OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, Athleta, Vaseline, #BlogHer, The Wing, The Riveter, and other wellness organizations.