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Hey Love

This website is dedicated to you. For those times when you feel lonely, or confused, or whenever you need some extra lovin.

I'm here for you, boo. 

Join our community, read the blog, take a course, come to the retreats - everything here is designed to help you fall MORE in love with the beautiful and important person that you are. We need you!

Oh There is More


Learn about courses that will help you explore who you are, what you desire, and how to  love yourself MORE.


Workshops, events, and international retreats! So many ways to indulge in a transformative experience.


Gain mind-body connectivity with exclusive practices created just for YOU!

Love Notes

These notes are vulnerable experiences on love, work, travel, fear and everything in between that have turned into insightful lessons.


Meditation practices and workshop opportunities to ground your body and calm your mind.


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