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Hey Love

I'm Samora.


A yoga, meditation, and life coach helping people feel connected and confident through personal and professional experiences.

I'm here for you boo.


Find an Experience to help you feel confident & connected


Move and Breathe with me to release tension & frustration


Work with me One-on-One to gain clarity, confidence, and growth


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Shanay, NYC

Samora helped me in becoming my full purposeful self. She showed me how to make my mental, spiritual, and physical health a priority and gave me resources to elevate my awareness of who I am and who I want to become.


Crystal, NC

After my breakup, I was at a low point. I wasn't sure how I was going to move forward or even get clear about my own happiness and desires. I worked with Samora for six weeks and felt like a new person. I had energy, completed some important goals, and I felt confident again.

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Caroline, BOS

I feel stronger, more confident about what I can achieve. I feel connected to myself. I now have the tools and the path to do it again whenever times get challenging. I know there is still work to do on myself but I am not scared to work on identifying my blocks and erasing my limiting beliefs. I am also aware of my worth and that there's no reason to settle for less than that, so THANK YOU Samora!

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Download your FREE motivation guide and make every day YOUR day!