Hey Love

 I’m Samora. 


And I believe that we're meant to connect. 


I’m an E-RYT 500 and Certified Mindset Coach based in Los Angeles who loves being a magnet for my desires. I've been able to host successful international retreats, work with private clients, top brands, organizations, and I've been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar...to name a few :)


Outside of helping people transform their lives with personal and professional development practices; I’m usually traveling the world, eating french fries, creating content, or snuggling with my baby dog, Biggie.


I have a background in TV/Film Production which allowed me to cultivate my #1 skill....PROBLEM SOLVING. When I’m faced with challenges, I get creative and resourceful about how to overcome them to achieve my desired outcome. 


This is what makes me a strong coach and teacher - I believe that with clarity, connection, and confidence...anything is possible.

I help people achieve this through my yoga and coaching services so we can heal and uplift our communities together.


I want us all to be well, worthy, and wealthy. 

And it starts with you.


Want to chat and find ways to work together?


Schedule a connect call here.

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