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Motivational Yoga MOGA
What is Moga?
Yes! Moga! 

Motivational Yoga (Moga), is an all-levels vinyasa practice that fuses motivational affirmations with specific yoga sequences to stimulate positive thinking, push physical limitations and to release emotional blockages. Practice Moga here!


Athleta is a brand of women’s activewear. They make clothing that women are comfortable to be active in through the fit, style of the garments, as well as their empowering message: “The Power of She.” Athleta is committed to unleashing the potential of women & girls and protecting our planet. 


Samora works closely with Athleta to move its mission forward by providing FREE yoga classes to the public. 

Art of Living Studio is a collective of teachers and healthy living enthusiasts working together to create a place where everyone can come to rejuvenate and strengthen themselves in all of the positive aspects of life; yoga, meditation,

healthy food, and music.


The studio wants to remind the world that life is a celebration!

Breathe with Me

Subscribe to the SamoraLife Youtube channel where you will experience guided meditations and learn breathing techniques to help you calm your mind while energizing your body.

Meditate with Me

'Pray, Love, Meditate' is a guided meditative experience designed for anyone wanting to take their meditation practice deeper. Four tracks for relaxation, self-love, freedom, and relationships.

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