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10 Self-Love Date Ideas!

I always preach about "loving yourself first" and many people don't know what that entails . I have many ways that I teach my little lovies how to make yourself a priority but here is a fun way to start! DATE YOURSELF! Think about it, when you start to date someone you're interested in, you make time to get to know them, find new experiences to share together, laugh, talk for hours and maybe give a little love + affection. Take that same dating experience and apply it yourself. Pick a day + time that you can be alone and show up looking your best! If you can't be someone that you would  want to date, how can you expect someone else to want to date you? So put in your best intentions and efforts to impress yourself!

Now for some fun!! Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your self-date night: 1. SPA DAY! - No matter what your budget is, you can pamper yourself either at the spa or at home. Treat yourself to a nice massage, manicure/pedicure, sauna, bubble bath or relax with a long shower. The key is to RELAX. Allow your body, mind and spirit to let go of anything that troubles you and enjoy the body you're in.

2. Vision Board - I know, I know...the magazine cut out project gets old. But I found a new way of making this fun again. Instead of posting magazines, try to find personal items around the house or photos of experiences you enjoy. Creating a vision using memories that spark inspiration for you. Make it REAL to you.

3. Treat yourself - to a REALLY good meal. Have a favorite place in mind? Or something you love to cook but never have time? Eat good and put your phone away. Focus on being grateful to provide for yourself and all that you're blessed with.

4. (My Favorite) Plan a photo shoot! - This so fun and easy to do. Have a photographer friend whose building a portfolio or needs to practice? Or maybe a friend with a great camera phone? Plan out a full on photo shoot! Wear your best looks, capture your essence, feel beautiful and shine!

5. Nature Walk - Remind yourself of how beautiful the world is by surrounding yourself in nature. Live near a beach? Lie there. Canyon? Hike there. A park? Walk there. Wherever you live, find a place where you can submerse yourself in mother nature, the Divine, and breathe it all in!

6. Tidy Up Day - I know it sounds like work, but taking time to thoroughly clean out your space and organize your life is actually very freeing. Trust me, you will feel so good after! Go through your closet and take out anything that no longer fits or works for your life. Throw out old papers, magazines, donate books. Bring yourself back to your present intention. Anything that doesn't serve you is weighing you down. Cut it loose!

7. Take a Class - That acting class you wanted to take. The Spanish lesson meet-up you swear you will join one day. The hip-hop dance class that you've been thinking of...TAKE IT! Let yourself explore, learn and have fun!

8. Exercise - some of you do this already, but many do not! Taking time to move your body is not only super healthy but super loving! When you spend time focused on your physical needs, you feel so good about yourself! Find a gym or active class and make a date of it!

9. DAY TRIP! - I love to travel so I am always down for a day trip. Pick a place close by that you haven't been to before. Find local activities there. Sightsee, eat, explore and try to keep phone engagement to a minimum. Observe yourself, what do you enjoy most, what annoys you? If you can, spend a night in this foreign land and make it selfie-sleepover!

10. Turn Your Phone Off! - The easiest, cheapest and most telling (of self) way to date yourself is to simply turn your phone off for a period of time. You can just spend time with your own thoughts, feelings while doing your day to day tasks, uninterrupted. I hope you take time to try at least one of these date ideas. The key is to focus on yourself, in the moment, with what you're doing. I would love to hear more about your experience. Please Share! You are always loved,


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