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Updated: Sep 15, 2018

You Are The MOST Important Person in the World.

Words you may never hear anywhere else.

But you are. Why? Because TO YOU, you should matter most.

Not in an egotistical way, as if everyone else doesn’t matter and not like a Kanye way – to brag about how great you are, but in a God-like way. A way that knows the WHAT and WHY you’re valued and treat yourself as so.

I want you to nurture this knowing, which starts by acknowledging how valuable you are.

The definition of importance is:

  1. of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.

What if you treated every moment of your life like it was the most important task at hand? Like each second in your day was an ounce of gold…what would be different? How would you spend it?

Would you be more aware, more excited about your life? Would you value the choices you made?

This is the mental shift that I want us to make. From treating ourselves and our lives as random, powerless acts that just happen… to making our lives SIGNIFICANT, VALUABLE and in direct correlation to the SUCCESS of yourself and others.

How can you make this paradigm shift?

Step by step, choice and action.

  1. Start with ACCEPTING who you are. All of you, scars + all. 

  2.  Next, FORGIVE your past mistakes, people who hurt you and let go of mindsets that make you the victim. Adopt a stronger story. Know, that you have the power to change your life, to be free and to overcome any obstacle.

  3. Then, spend QUALITY TIME WITH YOURSELF. Sit in silence, meditate, journal, ask yourself questions, find out what you love most, how you want to spend your time, with who, where. Discover all the things you love about your body, your mind, your heart. Take yourself out on a date. Be your best friend. Connect to God within, be powerful in you.

As you take these first steps (and this is not easy), you will begin to prioritize your needs + be mindful of your time and thoughts. You will want to treat yourself with more patience, love, kindness. You will guard your heart, mind, soul with a deeper understanding that you must let go of anything or anyone who no longer serves you. Protect the goodness you feel!

SamoraLife is a community to support you wherever you are. If you want to practice self-love on a deeper level, come join us. There are many ways that we can help get you there. Here are a few more.

Have any other self-love tips or reminders? Or want to share how your self-love journey has evolved? Please leave a comment! I would love to hear from you!

You are always loved,

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