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your body has the answers.

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in 6 months you could...

➜ wake up feeling more fulfilled, energized, and clear

➜ understand your body and how you process difficult emotions

➜ have a self-soothing system that helps you overcome anxiety, and low mood to navigate your challenges & triggers 

➜ create healthy communication and boundaries within your key relationships

➜ move towards your inner desires with confidence


Somatic Life Coaching focuses on setting goals, changing habits, re-aligning beliefs, and developing skills while integrating body & breath healing. By enhancing your energy and emphasizing emotional clearing, I help clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward.


"I've been able to move forward with my serious relationships and feel more at peace with myself and my actions. I now have a manageable relationship with my family and feel confident navigating difficult/important interpersonal issues. Honesty, Samora wasn't afraid to challenge my beliefs which made me look at situations differently, look at my life differently and I learned how to stay truthful to myself while remaining grounded."

"Samora's guidance helped me through a really rough patch of being in a low place emotionally after I was laid off from work. She help me stay grounded when it comes to difficult people and situations and now I’m more self-aware and able to process all my emotions without feelings of guilt or scarcity. She always provides ways to flip my perspective so I can make intuitive choices without it feeling like toxic positivity." 


I’m Samora. 

And I believe that we're meant to connect.


I’m an E-RYT 500 and Certified Somatic Life Coach based in Los Angeles who loves being a magnet for my desires. I've been able to host successful international retreats, work with private clients, top brands, many organizations, and I've been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, name a few :)


Outside of helping people transform their lives,  I’m usually traveling the world, eating french fries, creating content, or snuggling with my baby dog, Biggie.


I have a background in TV/Film Production which allowed me to cultivate my #1 skill...PROBLEM SOLVING.



When I’m faced with challenges, I get creative and resourceful about how to overcome them to achieve my desired outcomes. This is what makes me a strong coach and teacher - I believe that with clarity, inner connection, and confidence...anything is possible.

I help people achieve this through my yoga and coaching services so we can heal and uplift our communities together. I want us all to be well, worthy, and wealthy.


And it starts with you.

But you don't have to do it alone.

Let's Connect.

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