unblock your self (worth).

 Somatic Life Coaching you'll learn how to tackle anxiety, depression, and self-shade by connecting with your body, clearing emotional blocks with your breath, and re-align your beliefs to serve your highest potential.

Somatic Life Coaching focuses on setting goals, changing habits, re-aligning beliefs, and developing skills, while integrating body & breath healing. By enhancing your energy and emphasizing emotional clearing, I help clients release the blockages that keep them from moving forward.

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In 6 Months you could

➜ wake up feeling more fulfilled, energized, and clear

➜ understand your body and how you process emotions

➜ have a self-soothing system that helps you navigate your challenges and triggers 

➜ create healthy communication and boundaries within your key relationships

➜ move towards your inner desires with confidence

"I wanted to launch an online business, but choosing which idea to begin with was confusing. Being indecisive was frustrating and clarity was needed. Luckily, working  with Samora gave me perspective on next steps. Her holistic approach help me examine my lifestyle and what I truly desired. Through her, I now know how I will move forward. I’m so grateful!" - MERCEDES | HOUSTON, TX

By the end of our time together you’ll . . .

⇒ have clarity around your unique path in life and how you will align yourself to flow within it


⇒ feel purposeful and confident in the value you provide in your work, relationships, and community


⇒ create deeper connection within your body and your breath for emotional regulation, inner wisdom, and intuitive action


⇒ re-align your beliefs to serve your highest intentions

Meet your Coach

I’m Samora. 

And I believe that we're meant to connect :)


I’m an E-RYT 500 and Certified Somatic Life Coach based in Los Angeles who loves being a magnet for my desires. I've been able to host successful international retreats, work with private clients, top brands, many organizations, and I've been featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, name a few :)


Outside of helping people transform their lives,  I’m usually traveling the world, eating french fries, creating content, or snuggling with my baby dog, Biggie.


I have a background in TV/Film Production which allowed me to cultivate my #1 skill....PROBLEM SOLVING.



When I’m faced with challenges, I get creative and resourceful about how to overcome them to achieve my desired outcomes. This is what makes me a strong coach and teacher - I believe that with clarity, inner connection, and confidence...anything is possible.

I help people achieve this through my yoga and coaching services so we can heal and uplift our communities together.I want us all to be well, worthy, and wealthy.


 And it starts with you.

But you don't have to do it alone.