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unblock your body’s intelligence & be the boss of your experiences.

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nothing is wrong with you.

you aren't more f*up than anyone else. we're all on our own path and collectively trying to figure out how to life together. it's called being human.

on a biological level, sometimes our nervous system gets overworked and overwhelmed leading to mental & physical responses such as anxiety, low mood, body pain, and "uncontrollable" emotions.

Embodying Freedom is a private coaching program that provides a safe space to openly explore obstacles that block your inner light:

the self-shade, the overthinking, the anxiety, and the distrust
which leave you feeling “stuck”.

Through a dedicated 6-month somatic journey, we’ll release these barriers and reenergize your body’s intelligence so you can rise to every occasion making clear choices, taking confident action, and feeling free to shine your powerful light.

this is where i can help.

somatic = involving the body

somatic life coaching focuses on setting goals, changing habits, re-aligning beliefs, and developing interpersonal skills while integrating body & breath healing.

By enhancing your energy and emphasizing emotional clearing, I help clients release the energetic blockages that keep them from moving forward.

it's time to be free.

Embodying Freedom is a personalized somatic coaching program designed to wake up your body’s intelligence and release trapped stressors so you can make clear choices, take confident action, and be the boss of your experiences.

            Understand & manage your emotions. STOP letting your mood run you

            Listen to your intuition as a source of divine wisdom

         Improve your relationships with honest communication from the heart

         Establish & enforce boundaries to keep yourself feeling secure, loved, uplifted

         Create self-soothing routines that send signals of love, worthiness, and safety to                your body so you can heal anxiety, insecurity, instability, pain, and trauma

         Gain clarity on who you are, what you want, and where you’re going by peeling                back the layers of distraction & following your authentic flow

         Live FREE from triggers of anger, low mood, anxiety, and self-doubt

         Spend more time feeling your inherited light


"I've been able to move forward with my serious relationships and feel more at peace with myself and my actions. I now have a manageable relationship with my family and feel confident navigating difficult/important interpersonal issues. Honesty, Samora wasn't afraid to challenge my beliefs which made me look at situations differently, look at my life differently and I learned how to stay truthful to myself while remaining grounded."


"Samora's guidance helped me through a really rough patch of being in a low place emotionally after I was laid off from work. She help me stay grounded when it comes to difficult people and situations and now I’m more self-aware and able to process all my emotions without feelings of guilt or scarcity. I released anxiety and my depression is gone. She always provides ways to flip my perspective so I can make intuitive choices without it feeling like toxic positivity." 


“My mindset has shifted drastically since working with Samora. Especially going from negative self talk to loving on myself and extending grace to myself. Yes, the growth I have attained is undeniable. I no longer focus on the negative but gratitude for all things that I am blessed with. For once in a long time I am happy with myself and enjoy my own solitude. I have learned how to mother myself & fill myself with love so that I can pour into others.”

how does it work?

relax love. i got you.

6-month coaching program - lasting change takes time. what i can guarantee is that you will be more FREE - clear, connected, and confident 6 months from now

we will meet bi-weekly (twice per month) - 1:1 sessions online.
just you & me

in between our sessions, you will have weekly action steps to implement - and i hold you accountable to these

each month you will have the opportunity to join other lively souls - just like yours - in our monthly healing huddles

over the course of the 6-months, you will have free access to the motivational yoga app - to deepen your daily experiences

is this right for me?

ambitious and lively professionals who are tired of letting anxiety, self-doubt, and low mood block their progress

people who work in service-oriented roles who need to be on top of their game b/c they're constantly exposed to other people's energy 

open-minded people who want to live MORE life and who value freedom, health, creativity, family, relationships, and their career

boring know-it-alls who overthink and underperform

people who think they "got it together" or don't know they're living in a box of limitations


Meet Your Coach

my name is Samora Suber

And I believe that we're meant to connect :)

I’m a Certified Somatic Life Coach & Yoga Teacher based in Los Angeles and I'm passionate about helping people just like you feel more clear, confident, and connected in their body & their lives so they can be the BOSS of their experiences & BAG goals with confidence.

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