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unblock yourself(worth).


the retreat


Let's go  outside

The Worthy Retreat is a supportive space held in multiple worthwhile locations worldwide. We help women dive deep into exploring inner story, creative identity, and somatic healing to transform and align with their true, worthy selves.

Travel with us and surround yourself in a transformative environment, connect with like-minded sisters, and create a life-changing journey that you'll never forget. We believe there is no greater power than that of a group of dynamic women in sacred circle.  


During these inspiring retreats, find what you're worthy of, what drives you, where your passion lies, and how to bring it to the surface. Clear out old stories, negative thoughts, voices, and fears that suffocate your power. We’ll spark the flame that connects your mind, body, and spirit through three transformational mediums: breakthrough sessions for your mind, yoga for your body, and relaxation for your spirit. 

But most importantly, we will REST. You deserve to lay your burdens down in a luxurious environment as a reminder of what you truly deserve.




April 2025

w/ ReRoot Travel &

Cynthia Santiago-Borbón



December 2024

w/ Noma Collective & Candice Denise

roll with US

Samora has had the honor of leading over 200 participants in international retreat experiences within the past 5 years. With the commitment to honor and hold space for transformative encounters, she uses her passions to support others in personal and professional growth.

Samora Suber founded Motivational Yoga, a gentle healing practice that fuses neuro-programming, somatic healing, and breath work to help people stimulate positive thinking, push physical limitations, and release emotional blockages.

She is also a somatic life coach, which helps to tackle anxiety, depression, and self-shade by connecting with your body, clearing blocks with your breath, and re-aligning with empowering beliefs.

you are worthy.
(let them tell you tho)

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Sushana W.

I highly recommend this retreat to anyone who wants to reconnect to their passion, their goals, and to themselves. Honestly, this has been a really transforming retreat. I was able to dig deep into different areas of my life that I didn't take time to on my own. I'm grateful because I have accomplished so much since I've done this work. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.47.28 PM.png

Nicole C.

I personally was struggling a lot at home with work and dealing with the pandemic. The Worthy Retreat definitely met my expectations and I thought all the other ladies were great! It was nice to meet women from all over. Being on the retreat reminded me that it's important to take time to rest into reset.

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.43.56 PM.png

Monica F.

The Worthy Retreat provided a sacred space for me to better understand myself and cultivate a connection with my intuition. All the women helped to create a warm, nurturing, and supportive environment to honor our feelings and process emotional baggage that needed to be healed. I would definitely attend again!

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