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Beautiful Beach


NoV 7-12, 2024


Over the course of 6 days and 5 nights, fill your cup in an all-inclusive, luxury resort amidst a relaxing pool, beautiful beach, and surrounded by lush nature. Give yourself the gift of peace, presence, and power that you're worthy to experience.


During this inspiring retreat, find what you're worthy of, what drives you, where your passion lies, and how to bring it to the surface, just in time for the new year!


Clear out old stories, negative thoughts and voices, and the fears that suffocate your power. We’ll spark the flame that connects your mind, body, and spirit through three transformational mediums: breakthrough sessions for your mind, yoga for your body, and relaxation for your spirit. 

But most importantly, we will REST. You deserve to lay your burdens down in a luxurious environment as a reminder of what you truly deserve.




Single or double-occupancy luxury suites 


All-inclusive fresh food and drinks

Daily Motivational Yoga, a gentle healing practice that fuses neuro-programming, somatic healing, breath work, and yoga to help stimulate positive thinking, push past limitations, and release emotional blockages.


Worthy workshops to release old patterns and low-worth thinking and map a new plan of alignment through exploration of inner story, identity alignment, and somatic healing to transform and align with their true, worthy selves.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony to release trapped emotions in the body

Swim in the ancient and healing cenotes of Tulum

Hydrotherapy Spa Package

Sponsored gift bag (worth $150)

Resort access to the beach, entertainment, spa, water sports, and the freedom to explore

A deeper connection to yourself, your higher power, and your community

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Double Room




with Affirm

Single Room




with Affirm

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When is the retreat?

November 7th-12th, 2024

Which airport should I fly Into?

Cancun International Airport (CUN) is the best place to fly. We will have shuttles ready to pick you up and bring you safely to our retreat location.


Is it safe?

Yes! The property has 24-hour security and is located in a COVID SAFETY CLEAN resort


What does all-inclusive mean? Is airfare included?

All-inclusive means that when you're on the resort all meals, drinks, and activities are covered. This also includes airport transfers. Airfare is not included.

You will have to provide your own air transportation to get to Cancun (CUN) and we will spoil you from there! We are happy to help you find flights as needed.

For our excursion, transportation and the excursion are included but any other activities, shopping, food, etc once you're there are not included. You will be provided with recommendations for the best in town.


What else is included?
  • Beautiful Accommodations: 6 days and 5 nights at a magnificent 5-star resort on the luscious beaches of DR. 

  • Delightful Dining: A health-conscious assortment of buffets and restaurants on the resort will prepare delicious, nourishing meals

  • Yes, all the alcohol you can drink LOL... but please come to the workshops sober

  • Trusty Transportation: For an excursion in Tulum and airport transfers

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation Practices: yoga for all levels of yoga experience

  • Entertainment and activities on the resort premises

  • Worthy Workshops to increase your clarity, confidence, and self-worth

  • Cultural Experiences: Cenote Swim and Temazcal ceremony (optional)

  • Gift Bag: Goodies to take home with you!


Will I need a visa?

No visa is required, but you will need a valid passport.


Refund Policy

Deposits are non-refundable ($250 of your fee - unless you're not a good fit for our trip). Cancellations 1 month out - 100% refund. No refunds after 30 days.

Payment Plan

Your first payment will be due on your booking and you will be billed on the same day each month that you enrolled. (i.e. if you placed your 1st payment on the 7th, each installment will be billed every 7th of the month)


You and your travel friends will receive $100 off each retreat package when you sign up together! Once you submit your application, write down your friend's name and we will send you the promo code upon acceptance to the Worthy Retreat experience :)


Currency Exchange

You can bring cash to exchange for Mexican Pesos at the airport or you can withdraw pesos from the ATM.

Some places take USD, but it's best to exchange before or after your arrival. 

Here is a good reference with more details:

What should I pack?

Any swimsuits, comfortable clothing, sundresses, shorts, yoga/workout clothes, sneakers, sandals,

pajamas, hats, sunglasses, toiletries, any medication you may need, etc.

BRING ALL WHITE ATTIRE for the Welcome Ceremony.


What about transportation?

The only transportation provided is airport transfers (to and from the resort), group activities, and the excursion in Tulum.

You are responsible for your own airfare to Cancun, Mexico (CUN).



It'll be HOT! With temperatures in the low 80s - no worries we will have air conditioning and sunscreen for you.

Dress appropriately!

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