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This year is all about getting back to you. Prioritize your intentions and honor your journey with two options to travel and connect with like-minded women of worth.

Retreat inclusions vary upon which destinations best suits your needs. Explore all of your options and choose the adventure that calls to your spirit the most!

Tour of Cuba

This Worthy Retreat in Cuba is unlike anything you've experienced before, with transformative worthy workshops, yoga, and meditation while touring Havana, Vinales, and Matanzas. We'll have 8 days and 7 nights of being surrounded and filled with culture, history, learnings of lineage, and love.

Bali view

Tulum, Mexico

Over the course of 6 days and 5 nights, fill your cup in an all-inclusive, luxury resort amidst a relaxing pool, beautiful beach, and surrounded by lush nature. Give yourself the gift of peace, presence, and power that you're worthy to experience.

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